How It Works

BOYSEN® KNOxOUT™ contains CristalACTiV™ photocatalytic technology, which is ultrafine titanium dioxide, (TiO2) that absorbs energy from light and transforms ordinary water vapor into hydroxyl and peroxyl free-radicals at the surface of the TiO2.

These free-radicals, created in billionths of a second, become the reactive species that break down noxious air pollutants such as nitrogen oxides (NOx) that come into contact with the surface. Harmful NOx gas is converted to nitric acid that is rapidly neutralized by alkaline calcium carbonate particle in the paint, producing harmless quantities of calcium nitrate and negligible amounts of carbon dioxide and water. Calcium nitrate is water soluble and easily removed from the film, leaving a fresh surface ready to engage the next pollutant to come into contact with the film.

A great advantage of this photocatalytic reaction is that the ultrafine TiO2 is not consumed in the reaction, but is merely a catalyst that continuously generates free radicals as long as there is sufficient light, air and moisture. Additionally, this reaction gives the paint self-cleaning and anti-bacterial properties.

Or put simply…

Using light, BOYSEN® KNOxOUT™ with CristalACTiV™ Technology reacts with harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) coming from emissions of motor vehicles, solvents from factories and power plants, and neutralizes it through a chemical process. The NOx are broken down and converted into harmless substances that can simply be washed away by the next rainfall. 


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