By launching KNOxOUTTM, BOYSEN® in collaboration with Cristal has come up with a revolutionary way of fighting air pollution.

BOYSEN® KNOxOUTTM Project: EDSA is an urban renewal initiative that aims to lessen air pollution on Epifanio De Los Santos Avenue (EDSA) through large-scale artworks.

Equally believing that Everyone Deserves Safe Air (EDSA), private organizations have taken the initiative of painting their properties and structures with BOYSEN® KNOxOUTTM. A latest addition to the roster is PTT Philippines, Corporation (PTTPC) who has painted company-owned stations with the air cleaning paint and is encouraging dealers to follow the same.


How does BOYSEN® KNOxOUTTM clean the air? Know the science behind this innovation!

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Science put to the test! Learn more about BOYSEN® KNOxOUTTM through the various case studies conducted.

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Your wall can help clean the air.

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Apart from your walls, make your home and community safer for your employees, customers and family with these window cleaners that are not only self cleaning but also have the capability to improve air quality.

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